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Generally, girls have their first cycle between the ages of 8 and 15.

Although predictions are very difficult to make, you can look for a few hints. 

First of all, have a chat with your mother and your older sisters if you have any. 

Heredity plays a big role in your development, so it’s pretty likely you will have your first cycle around the age your mother did. 

Also pay attention to the development of your breasts, which should precede your first menstrual cycle by a couple of years.

Finally, you will probably start noticing traces of vaginal discharge on your underwear a few months before your first menstrual cycle. 

If by the age of 16 you haven’t had your period yet, and a couple of years have passed since your breasts started growing, have a chat with your doctor and make sure everything is okay.

Tips to be ready for your period 

Vaginal discharge will probably precede your first period by a few months. You should start noticing whitish stains from the discharge on your underwear.

The best way not to be caught off guard by your first period is to start wearing panty liners once the discharge begins. 

This way you’ll feel fresher, your underwear will be protected from the discharge, and you will have an initial barrier against the bleeding which is usually light on the first day of a period.

You should also start carrying one or two sanitary pads, plus a pair of clean underwear, in your bag or purse.

What if my period begins and I have nothing with me?

If you feel your period is starting and you do not have a pad or tampon with you or in your locker, go to the school nurse and ask for one. 

If you are away from both school and home, put some toilet paper in the bottom of your underwear, where a pad would go. 

This will create a barrier and give you time to get home or to a shop to buy some sanitary pads.

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