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Friend zone. Why it's not the end of the world

Being rejected and finding yourself in the friend zone can be tough, disappointing even but once you realize that it is not the end of the world, you will see the opportunity of growth and self-development it brings.

Getting friend-zoned means that you will be gaining a new friend who you already like and can genuinely trust and rely on because they had the decency, to be honest with you from the beginning.

Think about it, if you see past the initial disappointment, being friends with someone that understands what you’re like in your romantic relationships can be helpful when you need tips with your future advances towards other people.

His /her honesty also allows you to move on since you already know where you stand and you don’t have to keep trying to win them over when they are not interested. You can focus that energy on yourself until you find the right person for you.

Being friend-zoned can also serve as an eye-opener for you to work on other aspects of your life like your talent and other interests, having something to keep you occupied not only helps you cope but also improves your skills which can give you the confidence to get back into the dating scene. 

Finally, understand that you don’t always have to accept being ‘just friends with someone you like if it’s only making you feel worse. It’s okay to suggest spending some time apart if that is what you want and go back to being friends when you feel ready for it 

While it takes courage to ask someone out, it takes even greater courage to respect the person’s answer. So what if the relationship you got is not what you expected, gaining a new friend is still a pretty rare and special thing definitely worth treasuring.

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