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Understanding a positive result

If you use any of the antibody tests and the result come back as positive, you will need another follow up test to confirm your results.

If the follow up result comes back as positive, it means you have HIV. 

Finding out you are HIV positive can be a life changer. You may feel many emotions such as hopelessness, anger, sadness just to mention a few. This is completely normal. 

The healthcare provider at the facility will support you and answer all your questions. 

It is important you get into treatment immediately. With treatment, you can manageHIV and live a normal and healthy life. 

Will my HIV result be kept private? 

Your HIV result will be kept private and confidential. Only you and those involved in your care and treatment will know. 

If you find out you have HIV, it is important to encourage your partner(s) to get tested. Don’t assume that just because your result came back as positive they are also positive. 

If you are scared about telling your partner(s) that you tested positive for HIV or asking them to get a HIV test, speak to your healthcare provider about it. They can often help you with ways to do this.

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