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What is it with men and asses?

Today women pay more attention to the appearance of their butt or asses since men have always focused on this body part.  

Men find butts hot, essentially, because that’s what our ancestors were looking at as they approached their mates for sexy times.

Buttocks of women are attracted to men as much as breasts and hips because all these parts are associated with female fertility.

But not every butt is equally attractive for men. The largest number of male views are attracted by big rounded butts because it is directly associated with health and pregnancy, and men often associate this with youth too. 

Also, one can be influenced by the society you grow up in.

The attraction of female butt is not the same for everyone. Some men prefer big butt rather than big breasts, while others are not fans of the butt.

Famous ladies in Pop culture day by day are increasingly promoting large bottoms. Due to public figures like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, women want to have a bigger and rounded butt, and that way they pay more attention to that part of the body, and men are always fascinated by it. 

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