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Kevo (20 years) is a One-minute man

'I thought I was not man enough.'

First-time sex

I was on campus when I first met my girlfriend, who took my virginity. Unfortunately, my first sexual experience was not as pleasant as my friends had painted it. My heaven turned into hell when sex only lasted for a minute.

I had no words for my girlfriend, who looked at me with disappointment. I felt like the earth could open up and swallow me. I shamefully went to the bathroom, knowing I was a failure. I thought I was not man enough.


My girlfriend walked out angrily and slammed the door. I knew this was the end of our relationship, and my heart sank. I was depressed and avoided meetings and even classes until one of my friends noticed and asked me what was bothering me.


"Buda Rada? Why are you missing classes and our hangouts?” I wondered how best to tell him what was happening to me because I thought it was embarrassing. He insisted on getting to know my concern as he was genuinely worried for me. Finally, I opened up to him and shared my first sex experience. On finishing my story, he looked at me, and I was ready for him to burst out laughing. To my surprise, he calmly explained that it was something he had also experienced. So, there was no need to worry as it is a normal experience during the first round of sex. He talked to me about the whole issue, what could have triggered such a situation and how I could handle myself. He had learned this from speaking to a doctor as he thought he had erectile dysfunction.

Talking to my girlfriend

He advised me to organize a meet-up with my girlfriend. My friend would explain to her that it is normal for a guy to experience a fast ejaculation during the first round of sex. I called her up requesting we meet, and thankfully, she agreed. We all sat down and discussed what had happened and the possible causes, such as fear of first-time sex, the pressure of sexual satisfaction, anxiety, and stress.

Enjoying sex and relationship

Having been empowered, I am now enjoying sex. I am proudly enjoying my relationship with my girlfriend, and all I can say to my friends is to start talking about sex fears and expectations with their partners to avoid misunderstandings. Also, do not fear reaching out to a trusted friend, medical doctor, or a counsellor in the case you experience cumming too quickly for immediate support.



  • IkEdia
How can I enjoy sex as a woman
  • September 17 2022
  • 1:37 am


  • Aliyu
How do I do sex as a man
  • October 10 2022
  • 1:02 pm


  • Helbert
Yeah I am 18 years old can I have sex with my girl friend
  • October 29 2022
  • 4:48 am


  • Ijaaz
Aliyu you a giral
  • December 13 2022
  • 4:37 am


  • Sarah
Am 18 years old can I have sex with my boyfriend will it be okay
  • December 20 2022
  • 5:31 am


  • Dan
How about when am coming too soon and I tried mustrebation
  • January 07 2023
  • 4:59 pm
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