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Post Exposure Prophylaxis and STI scare - Max 23

“Shooting my shot.”
I was leaving town this Monday morning after picking up architectural items I had purchased in the CBD for my class project when I met a beautiful girl at the bus stop for Juja. I decided to shoot my shot and try my chances with her. We started chatting, and the conversation flowed. When the matatu came, we sat beside each other to continue talking. She was a student at KMTC in Thika but was going to see her friend. I had to play my cards right and fast because she would descend first, so I needed to muster courage and ask her out. Luckily, she gave me her number, and I promised to call her the following day.
Mid-journey, she said that her friend had gone out a bit and she would return in the evening, so she had no plans. I’m unsure if it was my luck or charm, but she asked if she could come and chill with me in Juja. I mean, how could I refuse?

“I was drugged.”
When we arrived at my small bedsitter, she decided to cook something. I was glad that someone was taking care of me for once. She laid everything out, and we feasted. We decided to get some drinks as the evening flowed. One thing led to another, and we had sex, unprotected sex, as I was unprepared. She willingly brought us some drinks in bed, and we continued to chill. I weirdly began feeling drowsy and not in control of my faculties. The next thing I knew, I was waking up to find my laptop, phone, some cash I had and tv that I had saved for months gone. I was sure she had drugged the drinks she had put for us.

“I got on PEP.”
I knew I had to go to the nearest VCT health centre to get tested, and they put me on PEP to avoid contracting HIV. I was calm for now after I started taking PEP and took it for 28 days. After three days spotted a yellow discharge from my penis, and I had a burning sensation when I urinated. I went to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with gonorrhoea and subsequently put under medication. Fortunately, I recovered within a few weeks.

“Experience was my teacher.”
What I went through taught me a lot, and I am better at it. It is always important to know who you are letting into your bed and to always be prepared. Looking back, I am grateful for the lesson, but it is not something I’d want to learn again. Also, I’ll never forget to condomize no matter what



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