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Unprotected Sex and Living with HIV - Benja 19

I just had to fit in! 
In 2021, aged 23 years, I was still a virgin, and to some other people, I was viewed as a disappointment or like something was wrong with me. Why wasn't I getting laid? Was I scared of women or too shy? My friends had everything going well for them in terms of relationships. All of them had babes, and I was the black sheep of my clique. Finally, the peer pressure got to me. Even though women weren't on my agenda, pressure piled on me, and I had to do something about it. I just had to fit in! 

My African queen
Back in my hood (south c), this beautiful girl was the centre of attraction. Every man wanted to date her and say that she was his. But they had no chance with her since she rolled with the big boys who drove cars while we footed to school. So the task was impossible. 

I swooped in 
One day as I was heading to the shop, I saw this lovely lady from behind, and as coincidence would have it, it was Elsa, the girl of my dreams, right in front of me. I smiled, we started a chat, and I was surprised to find out she was very hospitable and welcoming. As the days went by, we were getting closer and attached. I asked her about the flashy cars and the big boys, and she said those were her friends from campus. 

It was time 
One step led to another, and officially we became an item, and to seal it off, we decided to have sex. She knew I was a virgin and told me that she was too, so why use a condom, Right? Wrong. The biggest mistake of my life! The sex was out of this world. Though the first shot disappointed her, she understood it was my first time, and I redeemed myself in the second round. As they say, UKIPEWA PERFORM! 

Oh, snap! 
One day I saw a VCT centre and decided to get tested out of curiosity since I had no effective plans that day. I waited confidently for the results, but when the tests returned, I discovered I was HIV POSITIVE! I almost died. What had Elsa done to me? She had killed me.

United we stand 
I began taking my ARV, and Elsa got tested and learned she was positive. We later learned she got it from the big boys she used to hang out with. She began medication, too, and we continued dating. I forgave her, and we had to learn to live with each other and the condition. I guess we're all we have. 
My message to everyone is, do not have unprotected sex if you have not both tested for HIV and STIs. The streets are dangerous. Stay safe, or your world will change in an instant. 



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