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Can I be in a relationship?

If you are living with HIV you may worry that you can never be in a relationship. 

We’ve got some good news for you. You can actually be in a relationship. HIV does not change anything. 

You can love, have sex, marry and have children if that is what your heart desires. 

It is important when starting a relationship to be open and honest to your partner about living with HIV. It may be difficult but it is important to have the conversation. 

When having such a conversation, expect your partner to react positively or negatively. This is normal. You will need to give them time to digest everything. 

If they reject you, well raise you head high. Probably they are not the right person for you. Don’t give up, the right person will come along. 

If they accept you for who you are, discuss safe sex options with you partner 

Remember to adhere to your medication always as prescribed. Being undetectable will reduce your chances of transmitting HIV to your partner.

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