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There is a lot that’s untold about love- Hannah 21

“The most beautiful thing that had happened to me, or so I thought.”

In this world, where love seems to be the guiding light of how one behaves, acts or even thinks, there’s just a lot that’s untold about love. I had just joined the university and thought that I was too young for love until I met a man who seemed perfect for me. He did everything beautifully, and even when he didn’t, he was still the most beautiful thing that had happened to me or so I thought…

I finally gave in.

After several months of knowing him, I finally gave in to his advances and we decided to move in together. It was always nice waking up next to someone, making meals together and coming back home to someone after a long day of studies. We shopped together, natured together and went on dinner dates.

Communication breakdown

I had a good time with him until when I went home for a little break. While I was away, our conversations started being irregular and awkward but at the back of my mind, I always knew long-distance relationships don’t work out well for me and at that point, I was already feeling like it was my fault. We were also arguing a lot. So, later that week, after the break, I went back to school. I was excited because we could bridge the gap caused by the distance.

Filled with doubts

When I got to our place, I found a girl leaving the house and I was left with a lot of uncertainty in my head. I never questioned him about that until one day when I finally asked him about the same girl after I found her at our house chilling with him. At that point, he said that she was a friend, and I let it slide even though I wasn’t convinced.


On a certain weekend, my girlfriends and I went for a girls’ day out. While having fun, I met a guy named Mark, whose physique and smile were appealing. We got to know each other and after giving him my number, we couldn’t stop chatting and flirting. But all of that felt weird to me since I was already in a relationship. There was a lot of detachment going on between my partner thus, I didn’t mind flirting with Mark.

He came to the rescue.

On one fine Friday evening, I left for a dinner date organised by Mark, but I lied to my partner about my location. Mark picked me up and we had a few drinks in the car on our way to the restaurant. He stopped the car before getting to the restaurant in an abandoned street. He started to caress me and was forcing me to have sex. I tried to stop him but the more I said no to him the more he used more force. I finally managed to open the car's door and ran to a distance far away from where we had parked. I was trembling and crying but still managed to call my boyfriend, who arrived in a few minutes and picked me up.

The guilt consumed me.

The next morning, he insisted on us talking about what had actually happened. I decided to tell him everything and from that day, he began to bring different ladies to our house, even in my presence. I felt guilty that I had caused us all that, and so I learnt how to live with it and take whatever he threw at me.

Regaining my mental stability

After some time, a friend of mine whom I had been talking to about everything referred me to a counsellor, and I’m proud to say that I was able to move out of that house. I can also proudly say that I have partially regained my mental stability and I’m looking forward to a great life of peace and happiness.


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