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Realizing that you are in an unhealthy relationship is not always easy especially at a young age when you have very little dating experience and might think what you are going through is normal, and common to many relationships.  

But even once you become more experienced, admitting that your partner is causing you to harm is not easy. 

Here are some of the features of an unhealthy relationship.

  1. You or your Partner show a lack of respect for each other.  For example, one partner insults or humiliates the other partner in private and public 
  2. You or your partner don’t treat each other well 
  3. You or your partners don’t accept each other for who you are. For example, one partner tries to change the way the other dresses to make him or her more acceptable to friends, family 
  4. You or your partner are dishonest with each other. A good example is, you or your partner cheat or lie to each other 
  5. You or your partner don’t perceive yourselves as equals and the needs or desires of one partner comes first 
  6. You or your partner don’t make decisions together. Instead one dominates the relationship. “Trust me, I know what is best for this relationship,” is a typical statement in these situations. 
  7. You or your partner don’t trust each other. For example, you or your partner checks up on the other all the time and always wants to know who one meets and where one is. 
  8. You or your partner tries to control the other by isolating him or her from family friends. A good example is, “why do you need to spend so much time with your brother” is a typical question in these situations 
  9. Communication between you and your partner is poor. Both of you are unable to talk to each other about your feelings and issues. 
  10. You or your partner don’t support each other. 
  11. You and Partner cannot count on each other. 
  12. You or your partner is jealous of each other’s achievements

If both partners are committed, many of these issues listed above can be addressed and corrected.  

But if this does not improve, it is probably time to ask yourself if the relationship is good for you. If you have discovered you are in an unhealthy relationship, the best thing to do is to end it.

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