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Asking your crush out can be difficult, and scary. Your heart might be racing right now just thinking about your crush. You keep telling yourself that today is going to be the day that you are going to do it whether it is through a text, phone call, or physically. 

One common misconception about the dating culture is that all the awkwardness and uneasiness only happen in our teenage years but many adults can be anxious and struggle with dating. 

We understand how intimidating it is to put yourself out there and we want to help you practice being open, honest with your crush. 

Here are 5 ways to ask someone out nicely

Find a common ground

Before asking someone out, it is important to find out whether the two of you have something in common. You can have conversations that can help you know each other better.  For example, you can talk about recent movies, books that made an impact on your life if you know they have read or watched them. You can also ask them about their passions, interests, hobbies, and dreams are. 

Once you find something that the two of you share, you can converse with them on a deeper level rather than having dead-end conversations that prevent the both of you from growing closer. 

Pick a safe activity 

Pick an activity that allows the both of you to bond and have a good time. Going out for coffee or drinks, or a walk in the park or museum are safe options that aren’t overwhelming. Make sure the location you pick is safe and isn’t too crowded and or noisy to prevent you from hearing each other speak. 

It’s commonly advised not to go to the movies on your first date because it doesn’t give you a chance to interact as much. But if the two of you decide to have ice cream and talk about the movie later, it can act as an ice breaker and give you something to talk about.  

Be yourself 

Avoid sounding like a salesperson when asking someone out. Instead, be authentic and honest. Let the other person know that you think they are interesting and that you are willing to learn more about them

Remember not to be pushy or forceful. After all, you can’t make someone return the same feelings. Respecting each other space and boundaries is important 

Figure out where you want to ask them. 

In this day and age we can text, email, or call our crushes anytime we want to ask them out. Asking someone out in person is also another option but it may be used less often because of how intimidating it can be.  Figure out which method works best for you. 

Be brave and take the leap

Don’t wait too long to make your move. Seize the day. It is scary putting your heart on the line but you never know what will happen if you don’t try. 

Constantly letting your fear get you will only make things worse. It is better to take chance than to look back with regrets and what-ifs. 


There will be a time you be rejected but don’t worry. This only brings you closer to the person you are meant to be with. 

Good luck on asking your crush out. 

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