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Meeting someone new can be scary, and as they say, the first seven seconds are all it takes to make a good first impression. Don’t let that intimidate you.

Here are some tips to putting your best foot forward:

  • Maintain good eye contact while keeping your facial expressions soft and warm
  • Dress well in clothes that make you feel comfortable, relaxed as well as confident
  • Maintain an upright and relaxed body posture, uncross your arms and legs and sit angling yourself towards the other person indicating that you’re open to conversation.
  • Stay away from your phone unless it’s an emergency, constantly checking your phone while trying to have a conversation with someone is just outrightly rude.
  • Be positive and keep an open mind through your conversations, many people are drawn to positive, friendly people who make them feel at ease.
  • Be present and pay attention to what the other person is expressing and show genuine interest
  • Be confident and don’t forget to have fun

While it is important to make an effort with your behavior and prepare as much as you can for that first date, focusing too much on yourself can make you seem absent and uninterested. Let go of the unknown and focus on what’s around you.

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