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Communication in relationships


Communication in a relationship is very important. It helps us understand each other and harmonize our expectations. Communication will either make or break your relationship

Communication is more than just talking and listening to what your partner is saying. 

It is about paying attention, getting your point across clearly, understanding your partner, validating their perspective, and getting through to each other constructively.

Communication will either make or break your relationship. There are a few key communication tips that can help both with difficult conversations and good communication on a day-to-day basis.

They include:

  • Always communicate even when it seems tough, not the right time, or not important
  • Be a good and active listener We tend to assume that communication is all about making yourself heard but this is really only half of it. It’s also just as important that you’re hearing each other.
  • Pay attention to your body language or non-verbal behaviors. If you don’t pay attention to your nonverbal behavior you might send the wrong message to your partner. 
  • Spend some good quality time together with your partner.  The more time you spend together, the more you will communicate.
  • Be honest with each other all the time. Great communication is anchored on honesty. Speak up when you are hurting, or disagree with your partner. Honesty will help you and your partner to solve problems more efficiently.
  • Ensure the timing is always right. It’s not just about what you say and how you say it, but also where and when. Sometimes, it’s useful to plan to discuss at a specific time and place.
  • When you are wrong, take full responsibility for your actions. There is no shame in admitting that you made a mistake. Being defensive will make it difficult for your spouse to raise an issue next time.
  • Focus on one thing at a time even if you have many issues that you feel need to be discussed. If you ignore this, you will overwhelm your partner and he/she will shut down. Eventually, nothing will be solved.
  • Mind your language when communicating. How you say something is as important as what you nice to your partner 
  • Always have a positive attitude when having conversations with your partner. 
  • Voice your love every time you communicate. Look at your partner directly in the eye and tell them you love them.
  • Communication is a skill and it takes practice to be good at it. If you want to develop your ability to communicate as a couple, you’ll need to build positive habits into the way you talk and make a real effort to stick to them.
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