I have cheated 


Cheating is a hurtful thing to do to someone you really love and care about. 

If you have cheated, you feel guilty and ashamed of your action, then chances are you still care for your partner and you will have to decide whether to tell them or not. 

If you don’t, feel like telling your partner, then you should consider breaking up with your partner because chances are you shouldn’t be together and your relationship is nearing the end.

Deciding whether to tell your partner you have cheated is up to decide  

If you decide to tell your partner, be prepared to be asked a lot of questions. Answer the questions honestly

Whether your relationship can survive will depend on the type of cheating and whether your partner is willing to forgive you and learn to trust you again.

Remember it takes time to forgive and trust someone again. So hang in there if you want your relationship to continue. 

Work on rebuilding your trust by demonstrating to your partner that you’re not going to let him or her down again

If you both communicate openly and honestly and are committed to making the relationship work, you can succeed

Relationship Negotiation

A lot of people are in relationships that aren’t really giving them what they want. 

If you could negotiate your relationship from the outset and talk about it during then maybe you could have happier relationships?

There are a lot of things that you can negotiate in your relationship including:

  • How much you want to hang out
  • How often you want to have sex
  • How much you want to share friends
  • How much you want to share 
  • How much is your relationship about sex

You don’t have to negotiate everything, but you can find a middle ground. Rather than having one big conversation about it, you can keep having little chats about it. 

Also, remember that things change over time in a relationship, so you can never be totally sure that you both still think the same and are on the same page. 

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