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Rape myths & facts



When a woman or child says “no” she or he  means “yes” 

No means NO

Men cannot be raped 

Men and boys can be raped

Rapists are strangers in the dark

Rapists are more often known to the survivor 

Women who wear revealing clothing invite men to rape them

Women are raped no matter what they wear – babies are raped, old women are raped, nuns are raped, children are raped. Clothing does not make men rape. Women are entitled to wear whatever they choose, just as men are

Men and women cannot control themselves when they get aroused

All men and women can control themselves when aroused.  Rapists choose to use sex as a weapon of power

A person who gets drunk is inviting rape.

A drunk person can’t give consent. Taking advantage of a drunk person is rape

When a woman lets a man buy her a drink, he is entitled to have sex with her.

Accepting a drink does not mean that a woman is saying yes or consenting to sex. She has the right to choose if, when, and with whom she has sex

Husbands cannot rape their wives 

In any relationship, each partner has the right to say no to sex. Rape often occurs in relationships and marriages. If a person does not consent to sex, it is rape, no matter the relationship between the two people.

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