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Tips on handling arguments in a relationship


Having arguments in a relationship is normal and quite common. Learning how to handle disagreements in a relationship is very crucial. 

Here are some brilliant tips on handling arguments

  • Find out why you are arguing 
  • Choose an appropriate time to talk over it
  • If you want to raise the topic with your partner, start the discussion as friendly a way as possible.
  • Don’t you the “you” statement. Instead, use the “I” statement when you are talking. This will make your partner feel like you are not blaming them and you are being responsible for your emotions
  • Try to understand your partner’s reactions,
  • Even if you are angry or annoyed. Try and respect your partner’s views 
  • Take some time out if things get too heated 
  • Always be prepared to compromise to reach a solution and be able to move past things

These tips can really work but it does not mean that you will never have another bad argument. 

If it happens again, look at what went wrong, think about how you could have handled it better, and aim to do better next time. Learn to forgive yourself, and your partner, and move on.

When to seek help

You shouldn’t put up with arguments if your partner

  • Raises a hand when angry, like they are about to hit you or actually hits you
  • Forces you to go further sexually than you want to
  • Gets angry when you don’t drop everything for them

If you think your partner is trying to control you or harm you in any way, it’s important to get help.

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