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How I dealt with Unemployment- Renni 22

“…The ultimate goal.”

Like Everybody Else, I had dreams ... finish my diploma, find a job and finally be independent. Paying my own bills, and buying and owning my own things was kind of the ultimate goal. It’s like I had my whole life mapped out. But things didn’t go as planned although I did my part. I finished my attachment, graduated and went out to the real world.

Reality starts to hit

As the say, “Kwa Ground, Vitu Ni Different”.  Six months had gone by and tarmacking these streets looking for a job was getting frustrating. I was living with my cousin all that time and started feeling that I was a burden. He didn’t say so but I could feel as though he just wasn’t saying it. He started coming home after he’d eaten out rather than cook in the house like we had been doing. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but it became the norm and I guess the price of feeding two people was getting overwhelming.

My depressive state

Being unemployed and qualified for work became increasingly frustrating, and this situation made me depressed. I felt the joy leave me because I spent my days at home all grumpy and easily irritable. My mental health started deteriorating, and fast, I had to find ways to keep myself sane because I had no control over the job market.

A new perspective

I started to change my attitude towards the work I wanted to do.  I was previously focused on getting a white-collar job based on what I had studied on campus and that had proved challenging. I started learning new arts and skills that increased my skill set while seeking work.

Trying out new things

A friend of mine taught me how to paint walls and surfaces. He took me with him whenever he had a gig that needed a helper. I also started learning some online courses that equipped me with writing skills. This enabled me to do some online writing gigs that I got paid for. I even enrolled in a bakery where I learned the art of baking and decorating bread and pastry.

Lessons learned so far

In the long run, it finally dawned me that sometimes the plan we have for ourselves has to change. The thing is, I had to get out of my comfort zone and look at other options that I had not previously considered. Some people are lucky enough to get work immediately after they graduate or even before and some search for years. Then there are others who may need to change their careers before they start. Understanding this has made me less frustrated with the outcome of things. It really sunk in that we are not in control of a lot but how we react to situations is what matters. I hope that things do get better for everyone and until then, let’s learn to support one another.


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