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I am being bullied. What can I do?

There are many things that you can do if you're being bullied.  Here are some ideas:

  • Keep your distance from bullies
  • Don’t bully them back
  • Report it. You can report it to your school or police if your life is in danger. 
  • Tell them what they are doing is not okay at all
  • Talk to an adult you trust, like parents and teachers 
  • Ignore them and walk away
  • Get support from family and friends. They can help you feel better while you’re experiencing bullying.
  • Take time to do something nice for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Focus on positive vibes only. 
  • Have someone help you report bullying or assault
  • Walk tall and hold your head high to send a message that you are not vulnerable. 
  • Practice confidence. By doing this, no one can put you down. 
  • Find support. It may help to talk to a guidance counselor, teacher, or friend. Talking can be a good outlet for the fears and frustrations that can build when you're being bullied.
  • Don’t give a  bully a chance to put you down. Don’t go into hiding. Move on with your life and show them they can’t put you down.
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