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Peer Pressure and Sex- Audrey 20

My friends used to tell me that I dressed like someone’s mother.

I was brought up in a strong Christian family where the dress code had to be decent. After joining college, I continued wearing long dresses, skirts and trousers that were decent. My friends used to tell me that I used to dress like someone’s mother. This really disturbed my mind and it reached a point where I couldn't stand the insults and I gave in to their pressure. Some of them would even “donate” their short skirts and ragged trousers to me. It was their pleasure to see me dressing like them in order to fit in.

Joining in and getting accepted

My friends liked partying so much and would even plan a party every weekend. Time went on and I started joining them in the parties. They realized that I had no boyfriend and decided to “hook me up” with one guy without my consent. One evening, we attended a party to celebrate one of our friend's birthday. The atmosphere was full of excitement, laughter and a sense of freedom. As the night continued, the topic of sex became so intense and everyone seemed to be interested. Some say that sex keeps them strong, intelligent and boosts their immune system. A lot of questions surrounded my mind. As others were sharing their experiences, I was just listening since I had not engaged in sex before.

Alone with my friend’s choice

After some time, my friends started leaving without notice and fear filled my heart. Before I knew it, I was alone in the room with a guy who seemed to be friendly. He approached me and, without hesitation, told me that it was the end of the party and now time to make “fun and happy moments”. All this seemed planned as I had seen the guy talking with my friends in a way that suggested that they knew each other. I was reluctant at first but ended up giving in because I did not want to fail my friends.

Finally had sex

We started getting romantic and in the heat of the moment, we had sex. He used protection and I experienced sex for the first time. At first, I felt happy now that I had something to tell my friends when we met the following day. I would no longer feel like the odd one out in my circle of friends. When I went home the following morning, reality hit me that I had just had sex with a stranger with the purpose of pleasing my friends. I felt horrible about myself.


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